Sunday, March 30, 2008

Windows XP Pro SP3_Free download

Windows XP Pro SP3_Free download

Windows XP Pro SP3 Build 2 is immediately available for download. This Windows edition includes a luxuriant variety of bonuses starting with a Windows Vista theme, Microsoft
Office 2003 Full...SlipStreamed 75 MB, Adobe Reader 7, MSN Messenger, Firefox and Winrar. The downloadable file is a 695 MB designed to be burned on a single CD.

Obviously, this is not an official Microsoft release. First off, according to the Windows Service Pack Road Map, delivered by Microsoft, on a Microsoft website: “SP3 for Windows XP Home Edition is currently planned for 1H CY2008. This date is preliminary.” 1H CY2008 means the first half of 2008.
Windows XP Pro SP3 Build 2 is instead a pirate version of, probably XP SP2.

“Completely silent, unattended and activation free, no serial needed. I recommended you to make new & clean installation...dont upgrade from previous release.. It dosent require to put CD- key ...just start setup..and go away from will not ask u abt anything!!” Talkin describes his product.

Windows XP Pro SP3 Build 2 also delivers the following:

- hotfixes added till january 2006!!
- Boot Screen FIxed
- Logon Screen Fixed
- More Tweaks added For faster Performance
- More Themes added...and VIsta XP theme as default
- Some softwares included as below...
- Office 2003 SP2 With Frontpage!
- Firefox 1.5
- quick time alternative 1.67
- Adobe Reader 7.05
- Also included Microsoft Office 2003 Professional SP 2
- MIcrosoft Virtual CD
- TweakUI
- Some Tweak Tools ( see in the control panel )
- Winrar 3.51 + Themes ( evalution crack from anywhere...Many Themes Included!! )
- OSX Cursors Pack
- Unlocker 1.7.6
- Tweaks For Internet Explorer ( maximum simultaneos download limit is 10 now )
- WMP 10 + Updated
- New Icons
- New Drivers ( Mass Storage & Wireless Lan )
- Drivers Problem Fixed
- Enhanced Visual Effects
- No CD-Key!!
- Codec Packs..
- Registry Watcher ( will be useful to find applictions registry entry & its effects )
Some System Utilities ( see SYSTEM TOOLS IN START MENU )

Logon Screen Is same as past version!!

From Previous Release
- uxtheme.dll patched
- hacked WGA ( genuine advantage validation hacked )
- maximum simultaneous connection limit removed
- windows file protection desabled
- Default Vista Theme & Enhanced Bootskin and logon skin!!
- Registry Tweaks Added For Better Performance
- All Device Drivers 400 MB!!!
Integrated Applications


* Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional x64

* Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional x64
* Intel® EM64T, AMD Athlon® 64 or higher, AMD Opteron® processor
* 1 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
* 500 MB swap space (2 GB recommended)
* Hardware-accelerate d OpenGL® and Direct3D supported Microsoft Windows-compliant pointing device
* DVD-ROM drive

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http://rapidshare. com/files/ 39203322/ 3Ds_Max_9. part3.rar
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http://rapidshare. com/files/ 39384281/ 3Ds_Max_9. part6.rar
http://rapidshare. com/files/ 39384948/ 3Ds_Max_9. part7.rar