Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hack your Server to Speed up Internet explorer"Without any software"

# Open the Registry editor.
go to Start -->Run and typing regedit.

# Once in Registry editor window is opened, navigate to the key:

#Now right click on the window on your right and add a New DWORD Value.
Rename it "MaxConnectionsPerServer"

# Next right click on MaxConnectionsPerServer to edit the Dword Value.
Choose a base.If it is Hexadecimal,set the value to 99.If you opt for Decimal,set it to 153.

# Create another DWORD and rename it MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server.
Here,too,put the value mentioned above.

#Restart Internet Explorer and watch the boost you get in your connection.


When you connect to a website,your computer sends information back forth.Some of this deals with resolving the site name to an IP address.This is the stuff that TCP/IP really deals with,not words.You can increase the DNS cache by a simple Registry tweak.

#Open Notepad and copy-paste the
following code and save it with the filename dnscache.reg .

This is what you have to copy:

Windows registry Editor Version 5.00