Thursday, April 17, 2008

HOWTO: Enable XP Themes on Windows Server 2003(for all windows)

Hello All,
Ive been trying to work this one out for some time, and the solution is actually pretty simple!

To enable themes on Windows Server 2003 follow these steps:
1) Go to the Services applet in Administrative Tools.

2) Find the "Themes" service, right-click and select Properties, select "Automatic" instead of "Disabled" in the startup type box.

3) Click Apply.

4) Right-click the Themes service and select Start.

5) Click OK.

For now you only have Luna Blue, Silver and Olive Green to choose from:
1) Go to Control Panel, select Display and then go to the Appearance tab.

2)In the "Windows and Buttons" drop-down list select "Windows XP Style".

3)Click OK.

There you go, Windows XP Themes on your server! I knew all the GFX that went into Helm Toolbox would be worth it