Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Samsung D series hack

Samsung D series hack

hey hackers well samsung d820 is the phone i use personally..

thought getting some hack codes..


try dese out

Tips and Tricks for the D820, D900, and other Samsung phones with similar firmware.

#*22671* - Starts the phone recording in the background. It can record up to an hour, secretly. Press #*22672*

Holding the volume button when the screen is off displays a short summary of information. Time, Date, signal, missed calls, etc...

Enter code *#1234# to display Firmware version of the phone
Example : D900XAFG6
D900 = model
XA = Region / Country
F = Year (2006)
G = Month (July)
6 = Firmware Release in month (so this is the 6th revision)

Hold down # to mute, or unmute the phone.

Press 1 while watching a video to make it full screen.

While playing a song in music player u can highlight a part of the song to be repeated over, while listening to the song press 7 at the point u want repeated then press 7 again at the end of the section and it will loop the section between the the two presses of 7

If you need to send a photo via mms and its too big to send and u have no pc available to downsize the pic (my limit is 100kb via mms with my sim) open the photo in photo editor on the phone and "save as" rename it differently from the original and u will have two copys of the pic and the edited version will be under 100kb.

Hidden Menu: *#8999*8378#

Make MP3 sound louder:
1. hit: *#8999*8378#
2. hit: 2, and then 2 again.
3. then on IIS NORMAL (or hit 9)
4. then on "Rx vol."
5. for level 10, click 0
then save

Orignals are:
level 10 = 10
level 9 = 18

Make sound setting louder when som1s calling:
1. *#8999*8378#
2. 2 times 2
3. 1 (NORMAL)
4. then on "Rx vol."
5. level 5 type 140 instead of 120

Any other tips or tricks? Feel free to post them.