Sunday, July 20, 2008

Basic tips for hacking website.

Some Web-Sites are having leakage of their information.

Well just use google....

???? Why Google ????

1. Google Displays Anything When you typed the right letters like

Index of Admin
Mostly it will display junk about admin's system and files
but if you hit the jackpot "PASSWORDS" just download it, save it, learn it.

This Information is for Beginners and I will teach you the Interm.

Internet is used every 10.364743747743881369351 Seconds....
to confuse transferring data to a user you need the following,

1. IP Scanner
2. Server IP Address
3. Internet Service Provider Port or Protocol
4. A Very Simple..... Program...... Command Prompt
5. Decoder
6. Password Cracker
7. Drafter

1. Used the drafter to determine where is the information is sent
2. you need a server ip address to access some very fragile and complicated information about the client's service
3. Connect through their Internet Service Provider Port or Protocol
4. After your hooked do these things
* Mostly you will see alphanumeric characters from the ISPP
* Decode them using your decoder
* After Decoding you will now see words, name and some rubbish intel.
* Using Your Command Prompt, Try to connect to the ISPP and decode
* The Pile of words, now it will separate usernames, passwords, intels
* The First Info is the passwords, Second Usrnames, Third intel
* Save Some Info
5. Choose any web-site that you will hack.
6. Using the Drafter determine the information that is being sent.
7. If it matches with your intel....
8. There you have it you have the admin's user, pass, log-in page