Monday, July 21, 2008

Hack sify broadband ( easiest way ) mst work

So guys all those using sify broadband connection get happy here I am giving the way to hack it.

For this you need these applications.

1)Angry ip scanner

2)Gentle mac

So here u go

First scan your ip range by

Angry ip scanner

for example the ip given to u by your internet guy is

Then scan for this to and see the results ,the alive users of your ip range will be shown as green right click any of them and view his MAC address

Now using gentle mac change your ip and mac address to his!! And voilla u are now leaching his bandwidth!! Believe me guys from months i am getting minimum of 256 kbps on my 64 one

Just make sure you logoff from your sify connection before doing this and when a user logs off you can scan again and get a new address

A few times u will see that a user is shown green but u can't use his connection this happens when his pc is on but he has not logged in to sify

You people just try all possible users and chose the one who is having fastest connection !