Friday, July 25, 2008

How to order and configure gprs settings for Motorola ,LG ,Samsung and Nokia mobile phones for free.

configure yourself , for free gprs settings
if problem persists contact me
First time on website mobile gprs hacking revealed

I am getting lots of comments these days specially from Motorola ,LG and Samsung mobile phone users to know how to get the gprs settings for free and get gprs configured on the mobile handsets of LG ,Samsung and Motorola and some other companies.

But what to do when you have mobile handset of some company like LG ,Samsung etc. ?

Well don’t worry as there is again a global service named UMC to order Gprs or WAP Settings for Your mobile Phone.

1. By Automatic Configuration Request

2. Manual Configuration

3. Following the detailed instructions.

4. Through Sms Request

If you still don’t get free gprs settings sent to your mobile phone or problem in following any of the above methods to obtaing free wap settings for your phone then leave a comment here with full description of the exact problem you are facing.