Monday, August 11, 2008

How to get the Pokemon Hacking Tools and emulator


""UPDATE""------------------------------ -
Dont forget to download comdlg32.oxc and drag it over to what you wanna work.K? So feel free to ask questions.
""UPDATE""------------------------------ -

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First you will need winRAR.

1st: Go to
2nd: search "winrar"
3rd: Click on a web that says free download
4th: then look around for download

Here are the steps to downloading hacking programs:

1st: Go to
2nd: Go to Descargas
3rd: Chose herramientas
4th: Click descargar to download anything that you want.

How to get a VBA emulator and ROMs:

1st: Go to
2nd: Search for vba or a pokemon rom
3rd: Click on what you want
4th: a table will appear, right above the comments
5th: click on download

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