Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hack Rapidshare to Download Free using Rapget,JDownloader,Flashget.

Rapidshare hack is now becoming the hottest trend according to google.The above image shows you the proof.
Here are some tools that will help you download links which will all be stored and processed one after the other. The image verification is filled in automatically by Downloaders which means that you can keep it running in the background all the time without having to actively manage the downloads.Download links can be automatically added by making download manager observe the clipboard. It offers a reconnect feature which has to be configured, an unpacker, a password list, selecting a favored server from each hoster and much more. There are several options that need some explanation though before you can start using it.


RapGet doesn't require Java, supports 50 languages, more than 60 file hosting sites, and doesn't spit out German text at you when the language is set to English.


It is a Rapidshare Download Manager that comes with a lot of functions to make downloading files from Rapidshare and dozens other file hosting websites a breeze.

You should first realize that JDownloader needs Java, so make sure that is installed. After unpacking the application you need to execute the file JDownloader.jar to start the installation where you select a download location for the files. Files will be automatically updated during the setup as well.

Before you start to begin downloading files you need to accept the Terms of Service for all file hosters that you want to download from. Open the options, click on Hosts in there and check the TOS of the file hosters.

The language can be set to German and English but even if you select English it looks like a mix of German and English. Not to hard to figure out stuff because the most important elements are well translated.


First of all, a few tools. You will need Firefox, Firefox’s FlashGot extension and of course FlashGet. Download link below:

Get everything installed, you might need to restart Firefox after the FlashGot extention installation.

OK, now this is the trick. Open FlashGet go to Tools > Options… > Site Manager

Select Add… to add a new URL, (see below)

Basically, you are set to go! Now when you download as a free Rapidshare user, when you save the file just select “FlashGot” option instead of “Open with” or “Save to Disk”. (see below)

When you about to download with FlashGet, just delete the link at the Referrer field up to the .com link. (see below)

And You are done!

Tell me if u have any problem while using any of the softwares. :)